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Our Services in a Nutshell

  • Design High Voltage Power Supplies for applications ranging from military night vision equipment to high resolution aircraft flight simulators,
  • Support and repair Reich Associates, Inc. Corona Generators in the power range of 10 watts to 10 kW for use in the converting industry and plasma generation,
  • Sales and service of two-way radio Communications Equipment utilized by Public Safety, EMS, Fire, Local Government, and Business,
  • Specialized Computer Systems, including Servers and Networks, used in libraries, law firms, office, retail, and manufacturing, and
  • Electronics Design.
  • Capabilities include prototype design and fabrication, circuit board design, and CAD systems.

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Reich Associates, Inc.
7147 Park Road 37
PO Box 521
Lakehills, TX 78063

Phone: 830-751-3220
Toll Free: 800-757-3220
Fax: 830-751-3054
Toll Free Fax: 866-253-0992

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